Tehama Shooters Association



​Tehama Shooters Association membership meeting minutes

11/04/2015 @ 1830 hrs

president called the meeting to order and led the pledge

Guest speaker, ken say, Tehama county republicans proposes a shoot with the sheriff fund raiser, deferred to board meeting.

Guest speaker Michele Sousa from toys for tots wants club to participate in the 2015 toy drive, approved, club representatives will be at walmart for fill the truck and a toy drop box will be at the club for Christmas pot-luck

reading of the october minutes, no additions and or corrections

treasurers report, $ 33,054.09 & $1,000.00

income to the club $192.00

bills against the club $ 169.85 motion to approve passed

announcements, range open again. Tehama friends of the NRA dinner coming up, club is purchasing a table that includes a HENRY golden boy

old business, raffle this year is for an AR-15 or WEATHERBY 30-06, winners choice, tickets will be available by weekend.

new business, nominations open in December. shasta county sportsmans association pheasant hunt coming up, club sponsors a vet each year.

range committee, shot fall reclamation project and range improvements discussed. discussion regarding ricocheted debris from pistol targets,  discussion regarding removing steel targets from pistol range. signs need repainting.

BOD recap, shoot with sheriff approved with conditions, sever from NCTP and contribute to MFN, power supply status, member misconduct discussed.

adjourned at 2025 hrs

​Nor Cal Think Pink
Please be advised that these donation checks from Tehama Shooters and Nor Cal Jr Clay 
Busters will be our final offering to your campaign. 
It has become painfully clear considering the lack of acknowledgement during the 2015 
month of October from your organization that we have been marginalized as a 
contributors of substantial monies over the past 4 years.
Our objects dictate we provide services to our community and we intend on continuing 
both our spring and fall shooting contests to benefit the fight against breast cancer.
Both the 11 days of the Red Bluff Round-up and the tough enough to wear pink spring 
contest as well as the Nor Cal Top Shot pull the trigger on breast cancer will in the future 
benefit the Mercy Foundation North and the RN nurse navigator program with the spring 
contest proceeds and the foundations no cost mammogram program with the fall contest 
Best of luck in the future,
Tehama Shooters Association,
Nor Cal Jr Clay Busters

Tehama Shooters Association meeting minutes

09/02/2015 @ 1830hrs

President led the pledge and dispensed with some comic relief

Announcement: shot fall extension project to begin, will coincide with schedule as not to disturb any scheduled events. club member Richard Heinsohn participated in the NBRSA finals in Colorado, 26 participated, Richard finished 2nd in 600 yard. need score keepers for top shot, range safety officers and general help.

reading of the August minutes: there were no additions and or corrections to the minutes, motion to accept as read passed.

treasures report: $35,044.78 & $900.00

income to the club: $708.00

bills against the club:$830.00

old business: security discussed at length

new business: none

events: see schedule

adjourned @ 1902 hrs

No BOD meeting...

Club Member competes in National finals 600 yard benchrest

​Richard Heinsohn takes second place for Light Gun Score at the 2015 Long Range 600/1000 yd. Benchrest Nationals in June.

Richard was one of 26 competitors showing up from around the country competing in the 600 yard long range benchrest competition held in Byers, CO just 40 miles east of Denver, CO in early June.  Arriving the day before practice after the 1,300 mile journey in his RV the weather was rainy, windy and hailing from the T-storms surrounding the area. The following day with practice starting late morning we had a tornado touch down four miles from our RV park and everyone was on weather watch throughout the five days of competition. Two days for the 600 yard and two days for the 1,000 yard competition with another day of practice for the 1,000 yard match in between. Practice day for the 600 yard match was a nice sunny day, then turned ugly with T-storms building in the afternoon. The first two days of the 600 yard match were very much like shooting our own TSA range with winds gusting and switching throughout the day. After the two days of the 600 yard match Richard finished in second place for Light Gun Score with a 274-1x, six points behind first place of 280-5x set by Michael Nagengast. Richard’s targets were a combined six target scores of 46, 48, 46, 39, 47-1X, and 48 for the total score of 274-1X using a special tight-necked 6mmBR cartridge with Sierra 107 SMK bullets.  The results of all the competitor’s scores for light gun and heavy gun for 600 and 1,000 yard nationals can be found on the NBRSA website. Congratulations to Richard.

Tehama Shooters Association Membership Meeting Minutes
08/05/2015 @ 1830hrs

President led the pledge, dispensed with some comic relief.
Announcement, Friends of the NRA 08/08 in Redding, club attending
Reading of the July minutes, there were no corrections and or additions and were accepted as read.
Treasurers report, $37,526.16 & $1,000.00
Income to the club, $868.00
Bills against the club, $723.28 motion to pay bills accepted
Old Business, more discussion regarding security with no easy resolution...
New Business, Shot fall project set to begin in August. use of community service labor available to the 
club...Skeet thrower to Pounding Mill Virginia to be rehabbed due to crushing targets and 
Events, see schedule
adjourned @ 1856hrs
BOD recap, work schedule discussed for shot fall reclamation project as well as reporting to NRA, use of 
Class A contractor Max Thomas, Max is also a club member. Pistol bays project set to begin soon as 
service rifle incident discussed and plan of determination to resolve issue.
damage to pistol targets by LE, repair or lock up. use AR 400 at least for any new targets...
adjourned @ 2000hrs

Tehama Shooters monthly membership meeting minutes 07/01/2015 @ 1830hrs

Terry Bracken led the pledge, President dispensed with some comic relief. Haley Rosser, 2015 Tehama Shooters scholarship recipient addresses the meeting expressing her gratitude for the award.

reading of the June meeting minutes, minutes were accepted as read

$38,508.84 checking, $1,000.00 cash

bills against the club totaling $ 537.83, motion to pay bills accepted

income to club $ 1,026.00

Announcements, friends of the NRA (redding) 08/08/2015, club attends, if interested in attending contact treasurer to be put on a standby list if any vacancies...NRA foundation awarded club with $9,000.00 grant to continue shot fall reclamation project mandated. discussion of theft and recovery of items along with proposed securities.

old business, more discussion of potential security systems...work day was very successful again this year, a Weatherby shotgun was given away.

new business, advertise for fundraisers discussed, shot fall reclamation project and the use of club members licensed appropriately to complete the work.

events, see schedule.

there was no board meeting,

Mark Patterson motion to adjourn @ 1915hrs, adjourned...

Tehama Shooters Association membership meeting minutes 06/03/2015 @ 1830hrs
the president called the meeting to order and led the pledge as well as dispensed with some comic 
relief. Walt Mansell told a comical story while we briefly adjourned for a break.
reading of the may membership minutes, they were accepted as read with no corrections or additions.
treasures report, $29,487.71 checking & $1,000.00 cash
announcements, be signed in by 0800 for workday raffle. discussion of fire suppression was also 
discussed, if a fire starts call 911 and let the pros deal with it. a negative review of the marine corp 
league was published in the RBDN regarding the presentation of the colors at the chico gun show.
income to the club $2,374.00
bills against the club $4,7823.00
old business, 2 scholarships were dispensed haley reinaman is to become a FNP and haley rosser a DVM
more discussion of pending legislation regarding 2nd amendment issues.
new business, marine corp league is selling fund raising raffle tickets and there is a VSO at the bank of 
America building and are offering PTSD services...
see schedule for upcoming events.
adjourned @ 1906hrs
BOD recap, shoot directors are to turn in the their sign in sheets to treasurer along with the proceeds. 
there will be no amendments to the bylaws regarding elections. reinstatements are approved.
adjourned 1936hrs
BOD recap workday meeting, all receipts will be turned in monthly for reimbursement... 

Range wildlife pest control, 06/08/2015

Today we worked at the Tehama Shooters Range, where the Jr. Clay Busters shoot. There is a bad problem with rattlesnakes out there and is loaded with ground squirrels. We'll take away the food and the predator must move. Also ground squirrels are a big disease carrier. When you have that many in a close area to people, you can have problems. That is Sean, helping his brother Chris. Yes Sean is carrying a snake stick and tongs, no I do not let him catch rattlesnakes yet.
We use 2% rodent bait Zinc phosphie, made by the State. If done right very little chance of non-target harm of secondary harm. This product turns to gas when eaten and is not like other products that lodge up in muscle tissue, that cause secondary harm. We take the bait to the ground squirrel and place it, we do not just throw it out there. It works very well when done right. I have used it at parks, schools and business parks for years and never lost a non-target animal. In fact if a dog gets hold of it (which is very rare, it throws it up). We want to keep the people and kids safe out there. The bait is oats which the ZP on it.
We treated about two acres. In that two acres we used 50 lbs. of bait, which is a lot. But the ground squirrels are all over there.
The Mortons, Greg, Chris & Sean run a animal pest control business (WPM) 888-409-PEST, locally and donated their time and materials to the club to assist in making it a safer place to shoot. it is through the membership that has made your range the best this side of the pecos!

Tehama Shooters Association monthly membership meeting minutes
05/06/2015 @ 1830hrs
Mike Elliott led the pledge, President dispensed with some comic relief.
Reading of the minutes, there were no additions and or corrections to the minutes and were accepted 
as read.
Treasurers report read$30,081.35 checking & $1,000.00 cash
Announcements, Clay Busters holding a BBQ at Bastiani arms to show appreciation for the support John 
has provided. Walt breaks down some policies going into affect regarding lead ban on state property 
and tag quotas. much of the policies are based on junk science...
income to the club $ 2,652.00
bills against the club $425.41
Old Business scholarship deadline was 05/01/2015 open to graduating seniors who are children of club 
New Business, rodeo shoot needs more publicity to grow the event. Kids day had low attendance from 
kids however there were lots of people on the range that day. KSTG had a good turnout and seems to be 
growing. some recommendations to get the word out about kids days and fundraisers are Q97 the billy 
and patrick show. upcoming fall breast cancer shoot needs to be advertised early and often as 
well...DFW is eliminating pig tag and going to a stamp. casual thrower needs service, nobody is using the 
sign in logs anywhere on the range.
events, see schedule. adjourned @ 1917hrs
BOD recap, 8 members present, scholarship committee addressed board, 2 haleys won the scholarship 
for 2015 hard copy needs to be provided to the board regarding applications for scholarship. There was 
discussion regarding raising the amount of the award and ways to fund it. club will bear cost of awards 
for rodeo shoot. disciplinary action discussed for violations of club policies, such as safety and failure to 
comply with regulations...memberships capped @ 550 untl further notice
adjourned @ 2033hrs

April 2015 minutes

Tehama Shooters Association Monthly Membership Meeting

04/01/2015 @ 1830 hrs

The President led the pledge and dispensed with some comic relief.

Reading of the March 2015 minutes, a correction to the minutes to reflect the gender of a recipient of a donation by the club for a chronic illness was made. And additional information added regarding the donation to CRPA.  motion to accept was brought forward and that motion carries.

Announcement, all scheduled activities for 04/05/2015 are cancelled for the Easter Holiday. youth range day is rescheduled for 05/03/2015, volunteers are needed for this event. the clay busters 1st annual spring fling was a success, 4,000 targets were thrown. membership roles as of meeting time are 511... tough enough to wear pink rodeo match set-up meeting is set for Saturday the 11th @ 1700hrs and youth will be allowed to shoot rimfire handgun...

Treasurers report was $ 28,909.13 checking & $1,000.00 cash

income to the club totals $ 1,770.00

bills against the club total $ 287.57, motion made to pay bills was made and carried...

Old Business, none,

New business, casual trap thrower needs maintenance (solar charger broke again for the 3rd time)and the thrower was malfunctioning...range development committee formed. clay busters will be having a appreciation BBQ at Bastiani arms 05/09/2015... it is quickly approaching rattler season...if you discover a rattler, please dispatch it calmly with a shovel...

adjourned @ 1910hrs

BOD recap, full board present, taxes need completion for the 2014 tax year. audit, generator and casual throwers discussed. new memberships discussed, reinstatements discussed, cap on membership discussed...range improvements discussed...

​Tehama Shooters Association monthly membership meeting minutes
03/04/2015 @ 1830 hrs
President called the meeting to order and led the pledge of allegiance then dispensed with some comic 
reading of the February minutes, there were no additions and or corrections to those minutes.
announcements, lock combo changed 03/01/2015. big genes grandson advanced to the finals at camp 
perry. marine corp league are selling raffle tickets for a fund raiser, a ruger mini 14 is the prize. services 
for mario yist to be held 03/13/2015 at the NCVC igo, ca. current member count @ 493 as of meeting 
time. several candidates for membership are present. there is a spaghetti feed to raise funds for a club 
members grandson with an illness 03/28/2015 at the corning fire department includes a fund raising 
raffle. scholarship application deadline 05/01/2015 open to any TSA family member.
treasurers report, $ 33,450.57 checking & $1,000.00 cash
income to the club is $ 1,343.00
bills against the club, $7,568.85 (includes insurance policy)
old business, (range improvement board formed)
new business, rodeo 3 gun shoot 04/12/2015 needs score keepers, safety officers and general 
assistance. CRPA needs our help with membership to fight legislation specifically in this state. example
would be micro stamping and there is no reimbursement of costs overturning state law for defense 
fund, so get signed up!
events, see schedule.
adjourned @ 1915hrs
Board recap, full board present along with range improvement members. discussion of impact areas and 
target stands, range wind flags and future expansion projects and the funding discussed. priority of 
improvements such as shot fall area and pistol bays. fundraising and member raffle prizes discussed. 
security issues and mis-use discussed and the penalties for those actions. awards for matches discussed. 
hats for RSO discussed. donation for ill family members medical bills.

February 2015 meeting minutes

Tehama Shooters Association monthly membership meeting minutes, 02/04/2015 @ 1830 hrs. 
Tehama County Sheriff David Hencratt swears in the 2015 Board of Directors, then he briefs the meeting on the up-coming year of legislative action(s) and addresses the AB1014 domestic violence restraining order legislation and SB47 regarding decriminalization of certain acts. legislation is being crafted to make the theft of any firearm a felony.
then the sheriff led the pledge and vacated the meeting.
reading of the January minuets, there were no additions and or corrections to the minutes
treasurers report read, $30,467.94 checking & $1,000.00 cash (a cost analysis report for each discipline is requested)
income to the club, $422.00 from shotgun operations.
bills against the club, $67.00, approved for payment,
announcements, lock combo changes 03/01/2015, American legion has a fund raiser and are selling raffle tickets, see Clark, a range development committee has been formed, some members had concerns that the different directors would have a conflict serving, this was discussed and determined that there would not be a conflict as the entire committee answers to the board and the board reserves the final decision.
old business, CMP 2014 report due, directors asked to provide numbers of participants in each discipline. 2015 shot fall reclamation grant moved to approval stage for disbursement of funds.
new business, annual rodeo 3 gun shooting match discussed, this is not a tactical event! discussion regarding the purchase on "any" firearm in California due to the firearm safety course (FSC) requirements. 10 waiting period is being challenged, TCYM representative thanked the club for it efforts to assist the organization preparing the kids for life. several potential candidates for membership were introduced. 
events, see schedule.
Adjourned @ 1933hrs,
BOD recap, security measures were discussed regarding identification of person or persons who choose to ignore range safety and use guidelines. and what consequences for those determined to be in violation. range improvements and purchase of awards for disciplines that hand out awards for the 2014/15 season(s) discussed. on-going issues associated with a growing club. Board meeting adjourned @ 2008 hrs...

January 2015 meeting minutes

Tehama Shooters Association Monthly Membership Meeting, 01/07/2015 @ 1830 hrs President called 
the meeting to order and led the pledge, dispensed with some humor about the city of Detroit, Mi. 
the nominations for 2015 BOD was closed and the voting was began @ 1830 hrs, voting concluded @ 
1917 hrs, with nearly 1/5th of the voting membership in attendance (107 total votes) with the outcome 
in favor of the incumbent secretary by 92%
reading of the December 2014 minutes, there were no additions and or corrections to the minutes.
treasurers report, $ 22,520.82 checking & $1,000.00 cash
Antelope 4-H shooting sports made a brief statement expressing their gratitude to the club and its 
members for the gracious way they have been treated and are looking forward to the 2015 shoot 
income to the club, $395.00
bills against the club, $ 1,630.50 including cancer society donation...
new business, a call for an annual audit was asked for...there was discussion in the general meeting 
regarding the formation of a range improvement committee. a call was made for more people to 
become involved with scheduling. CMP needs annual range report, (total of participants for 2014)more 
discussion regarding steel jacketed ammo and steel core ammo and its use on the range. 
Old business, Ed took a job keeping him here in the county and will be present and more involved than 
in the past
events, see schedule, and the young marines event needs people to help with the day.
Adjourned @ 1943 hrs.
Bod meeting recap, more discussion about the formation of a range improvement board to examine 
long term expansion plans. some plans include pistol bays and target pits as well as shot fall reclamation 
mandated by the ranch. purchase of sample targets from northwest target approved. approval for 
awards for shooting disciplines discussed and approved. discussed steel ammo and the signage already 
in place on the range to make it more visible. 4 officers & 4 directors were in attendance.