Tehama Shooters Association



Tehama Shooter's Association Benchrest Rules 
for 100, 200, 300 Yard Matches
Revised March 2015 
Breakdown of Classes as Follows: 
Any mass produced HUNTING style repeater rifle with maximum muzzle diameter of .655 inch and 
weighing no more than 9-1/2 pounds with scope. Rifle action may be bedded. No other modifications 
are allowed.
Any mass produced VARMINT style rifle with forend no wider than 2-1/4 inches wide. NOTE: A wood 
factory type replacment stock is acceptable as long it has a forend no wider than 2-1/4 inches.Weight 
limit is restricted to 15.0 pounds or less with scope. No 30 BR's are allowed but most other calibers up 
to .300 inch caliber will be allowed at match director's discretion. No flat plates will be allowed on any 
stock forend. Barrel diameter is restricted to a “Standard Light Varmint” of 0.875 inch diameter. 
Modifications may include barrel, trigger, bedding, etc. Gun must not weigh more than 15.0 pounds. 
Muzzle breaks and comps are discouraged.
Any action, trigger, barrel, stock with a forend of no more than 3 inches wide. Any scope is acceptable. 
Weight limit is restricted to17-1/2 pounds or less with scope. Muzzle breaks and comps are 
As a courtesy to other shooters, please inform match director if your rifle has a muzzle brake or 
compensator. Your bench assignment may bedetermined based on rifle configuration.
All rifles are to be shot using a front rest and a seperate rear rest. No one piece or combined front/rear 
rests are allowed. Bags used should contain soft media such as sand or heavy sand. No solid bags 
allowed. No unsafe setups allowed on the firing line. Match director has final say to any questions or 
setup problems.
A digital weight scale may be used to check the weight of the rifle during registration or anytime during 
the match. 
We use IBS 100, 200, 300 yard benchrest for score targets, We will shoot one yardage per match and 
rotate monthly. See TSA website for schedule of matches. 
Each target has five scoring rings and one sighter ring. For 100 and 200 yard targets the score is 
calculated by shooting no more than two (2) bullets per scoring ring for a total of ten (10) shots. You 
may use the sighter ring to shoot anunlimited number of sighters during a course of fire. For 100 yard 
unlimited class one (1) bullet is used per scoring ring and unlimited number of sighters in the sighter 
ring. A seperate sighter on standard letter paper will be available is desired.
100 yard targets have eight (8) scoring rings from ten down to three. Ifyour point of impact cuts a line 
between two scoring ring the shot will be scored at the higher ring. The 200 and 300 yard targets have 
six (6) scoring rings and scoring is calculated the same as the 100 yard targets. 
Each course of fire is restricted to 15 minutes or in the event of all competitors finishing the course of 
fire early. Including sighters. When you have finished your course of fire remove the bolt and insert 
chamber safety flag.
NEW starting in 2015.When you are finished shooting your course of fire a chamber flag must be 
inserted into the chamber.
The honor system is in place at all matches. Please beaware of a cross fire. You are responsible for your 
shots and any cross fires will be deducted from your score. Please inform the match director of any cross 
Each target will have the competitors name and the target backer number to match bench assignments. 
Class winners will be decided by highest score point count, including X counts. If a tie exists between 
shooters in a class then the first X on the first target will determine winner.
There must be two shooters per class to determine a class winner.
FEES: (new for 2015) One class $10.00  Two classes $13.00  Three classes $15.00
If you have an equipment malfunction, jam, hang fire, mis fire or any problem during the course of fire 
immediately notify the match director. In the case ofa hang fire or mis firefollow NRA rules for 
handling such an incident. WAIT! and do not try to remove unfired case. Wait the appropriate amount of 
time. Notify match director immediately. Extra time may be allowed to the competitor to finish course of 
If you start a course of fire with one rifle you may NOT change rifles if you have an equipment failure.

Winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be calculated and announced at the end of the match. 
For a smooth running match we ask all competitors to assist inremoving targets, target frames, flags and 
clean up the area when competition concludes.
REMEMBER SAFETYis the most important thing for any shooting activities. Hearing and eye 
protection is required and mustbe used for all matches.
All T.S.A. Rules apply at all times. If you are unfamilar with these rules please ask before touching any 
Matches are conducted as scheduledunless we have adverse weather conditions or range conditions 
warrant a change from the regular schedule. All attempst will bemade to notify competitors of any 
changes in shooting schedule and will be posted on the website.

Contact Number
Richard Heinsohn 

KSTG info

match date 02/22/2014

Items you will need for the KSTG (Kinda, Sorta, Tactical Match):Centerfire handgun of 9mm (.38) or largerStrong side belt holster that covers the trigger when the gun is holsteredMagazine or speedloader carriers (you need to be able to carry 25-30 rounds on your person for each stage)Enough magazines or speedloaders to make it through the stageAtleast 100 rounds of ammo (bring more if you have it)Sturdy belt for your holsterEye and ear protectionBring your game face!Other info:I will try and make the stages challenging, and try to keep them under 25 rounds per stageWe will shoot at least 3-4 stages, possibly more if we have time (depends on amount of shooters and how the match flows) BRING EXTRA AMMO!!! If your torn between shooting a semi-auto pistol or a revolver, bring the pistol. If you bring a revolver, bring lots, and lots of speedloaders and carriers. If you don't have enough carriers, we will make due with what you have.We will be following the KSTG rulebook, but may modify a couple of things for safety reasons (you will know what these things are at the walk through.) There is a link to the rule book in .PDF atwww.PackYourPistol.comMost stages will be Comstock count (shoot as much as you need to to get your hits) so if you miss allot, a 20 rounds stage meens you could be shooting more than 20 roundsThere may be Virginia count stages, which mees on a 20 round stage, you can only shoot 20 rounds. More details at the match.If you have any questions, call me at 529-1925 after 6pmFrank CaltabianoPack Your Pistolpackyourpistol.com

Match Rules

You will be redirected to another site or a PDF file located at another site for National Match Rules.

These are not Tehama Shooters rules, contact the match director for those.