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Shotgun shooting sports, 12/26/2015
Freezing cold did not stop shooters today, just not as many. Wesley shot a 24 with his new shotgun and swept bushwacker.

4-H shooting sports, 12/12/2015
​cold & wet doesn't stop these kids, after the pledge they had safety training and then shooting! after they shot awhile they retired to the clubhouse for chili and cornbread in the warmth of the building. donn kelly was on the range today doing a little light repair work as well...

Christmas celebration, 12/06/2015
a cold rain kept some away this morning for the turkey shoot. however, a few squads turned out to brave the elements reminding us that guns go bang in the rain! turkey shoot contestants won both $10.00 gift cards and raffle tickets for the fundraising raffle. this year grand prize winner, who was not attending was P. Heil. he gets his choice of the top prize. after that drawing all the other prizes were winner need be present to win, and win they did! they won, hats, knives, t-shirts, watch caps, earphones, thermos, 2016 paid membership, tri-tips, a cot, reading materials and gift cards. the food was outstanding. tom brown served up delicous tri-tip provided by A&R and members brought side dishes and salads as well as deserts. toys for tots had 2 drop boxes and they both filled up too! just another wonderful day on the best range this side of the pecos!

Service rifle & centerfire handgun, 12/05/2015
great turn-out today. it was a bit on the cool side with some sunshine around noon. more jr shooters are participating in both disciplines and making their mark. a few familiar faces from shoots gone by and a few new faces as well. stand by for results from today. we do know that pat jones had shot a perfect score during the main relay...Pat Jones, Jamie Raglin & Al Powers winners handgun, Josh Sutherland, Donn Kelly & Danny Stevens rifle winners

Trap & Skeet, Appleseed, 11/28/2015
several turned out for skeet, they shot strings of 7 & 8 no perfect scores today. then shooters migrated over to the trap to shoot a couple of bushwackers, tommy two dove barnes dominated both. the 1st he shot it out with clay buster sean morton and then with the homburglar. we also had a new lady shooter today, welcome brandy!
appleseed has the range this weekend and they also had a good turnout learning shooting and history...Turkey Shoot II, 11/22/2015

Turkey shoot II
events elsewhere poached contestants today however we still had a good time. wavin willie boles dominated, just barley, the event today followed closely by wesley!
by the end of the day everybody had a good time shooting bushwacker and 5 shot relays

600 yard benchrest, 11/21/2015
Just returned from a 600 Yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:   1st  John Reid  140  2X  using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the second relay).  2nd Darin Vanoosterhout  136  4X using the 6.5x47 Lapua cartridge  (shot in the first relay).   3rd  Brad Eslinger  134  1X  using the 6BR cartridge  (shot in the first relay).   4th  Bob Reid  134  1X  using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the second relay).    Small  5-shot group of 2.304 was shot by Gary Panich using the 6.5 Creedmore cartridge.  Hi single target of 49 1X was shot by John Reid.  Had 16  contestants shoot for score.  Wind for both relays was 1-3.    Submitted by Brad Eslinger   Sec. & Trea.  Mt.Shasta Gun Club

4-H, Antelope, shooting sports orientation, 11/14/2015
bunches of kids, boys & girls alike turned out for the Antelope 4-H shooting sports 2015-16 shoot season range orientation and safety meeting with their parents. 4-H guidelines, Club Range use guidelines were discussed at length. the kids got to shoot rimfire & trap. some new 1st time shooters had a great time. much was learned about firearm use, safety and maintenance. they are scheduled for 1 range visit each month throughout the year, their summer visits are on the 3rd Wednesday of the summer months. guest shooters are encouraged to join them for their trap shoots...

Turkey trap shoot, 11/08/2015
reasonable turn-out for the weather. shooters enjoyed a good time shooting games for $10.00 walmart gift cards and $10.00 raffle ticket packages for the Christmas raffle. Wade Larson wont he cutthroat however choked on the silver bird, tommy two dove barnes was eliminated by chris patterson in the shoot out for advancment to the 20 yard line! the big deal was sean and wesley teamed up in the buddy shoots and won em both!

Service Rifle & Centerfire Handgun, 11/07/2015
perfect weather today for the match, started the event with the pledge, safety meeting and asked for a blessing, we were blessed with a perfect score in handgun today...Pat Jones ran 35 straight! good turn out of the ladies and juniors as well. the contest went until 1400 hrs

KSTG 10/17/2015
Frank CaltabianoSSPUN["Senior"]29101.922

Jim BeltramoSSPUN58145.993

Mike CarlsonSSPUN58170.854

Mark BrownCDPUN["Senior"]133213.475

Timmothy TrobergSSPUN79221.296

Pat JonesSSPUN59243.907

Zack McmordieSSPUN79246.118

Peggy JonesSSPUN31301.979

Charmaine BrownCDPUN115433.0110

Laura GoecknerCDPUN78454.9911

Pam CaltabianoSSPUN["Senior"]68528.2412

Charlie LasleryESPUN["Senior"]00.0013

Tim McmahonCDPUN00.0014

Denise McmahonSSPUN00.00

1000 yard benchrest 10/17/2015
Just returned from a 1000 Yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:  1st  Bud Dean  139  2X  using the 6mm Ackley  (shot in the first relay).  2nd   John Heilman  138  using the  6.5-284 Shehane cartridge (shot in the first relay).  3rd  Frank Ross  136  1X  using the .308 Ackley cartridge  (shot in the second relay).  4th  Darin Vanoosterhout  135  1X  using the 6.5-47 Lapua cartridge  (shot in the first relay).   Hi single target of 49 was won by John Heilman.  Small 5-shot group of 4.579 was taken by Bob Reid using the 6BR cartridge.   Wind for first relay was 0-3 and for second relay 1-4.  Had 15 contestants shoot for score.    Submitted by Brad Eslinger  Sec. & Trea. Mt.Shasta Gun Club   10-17-2015

ARA 10/11/2015

Tehama Shooters Association
Club Match
10/11/15 Unlimited # Tgts 5
Place Name Agg   Tgt 1    Tgt 2    Tgt 3    Tgt 4    Tgt 5  Total Points Agg+Pts HOF
1st Dewight Oilar 2150.00 2050 2450 2225 1950 2075 10750 40 2190.00 1
2nd Craig Fator 2075.00 2200 2200 2050 2000 1925 10375 35 2110.00 0
3rd Bella Archer-Devote 2045.00 2125 2175 2000 2000 1925 10225 30 2075.00 0
4th Bob Tornai 2020.00 2000 2325 1775 1975 2025 10100 25 2045.00 0
5th Raymond Tickner 1900.00 1950 1875 1900 1875 1900 9500 20 1920.00 0
6th Arthur Mayne 1820.00 2250 1675 1525 1850 1800 9100 15 1835.00 0
7th Mike Tuffs 1782.00 1900 1700 1900 1675 1735 8910 10 1792.00 0
8th Steve Bowling 1462.00 1410 1255 1610 1535 1500 7310 5 1467.00 0
Place Name Action Barrel Trigger Stock Scope Gunsmith Ammo
1st Dewight Oilar ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2nd Craig Fator ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3rd Bella Archer-Devote ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
4th Bob Tornai ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
5th Raymond Tickner ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
6th Arthur Mayne ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
7th Mike Tuffs ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
8th Steve Bowling ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

4-H shooting sports & Trap
several shooters turned out to shoot trap. 4-H shooting sports winded up their 2014-15 season with rimfire and trap. Ashley Meade won the Cutthroat contest today. The kids will be back on the range in November for their 2015-16 range orientation.

Pull the trigger on breast cancer 2015
josh sutherland wins top shot! seth takes 2nd and mark brown 3rd, in the ladies, carrie patterson was 1st, with laura 2nd and barbra casteel 3rd, in youth wesley hambright 1st followed by garret larson and 3rd was won by chris patterson.
36 shooters competed today shooting a wide variety of classic and antique firearms up to full auto tactical MP5 chambered in .40 S&W tom brown of clay busters bbqed a terrific lunch donated by A&R custom butchering, clay busters and grocery outlet, PJ helicopters sponsored the awards this year and moon dental along with sierra pacific funded ammunition as well as PJ helicopters. numerous club members brought out their own guns and ammo to complete the event. Bastiani arms and Nice Shot local arms retailers and club members brought the heavy duty stuff this year. over $2,500.00 was raised and over 6,000 rounds of ammo fired and 40lbs of Tri Tip. KRCR cristina Davies even came out did an interview and fired some stuff, her segment aired on the evening news. it is always leaves us with a good feeling to have positive feedback and impact on our community.

Service rifle & centerfire handgun, 10/03/2015
service rifle and centerfire handgun today was well attended. the weather was cooperative early on and became slightly windy at the very end. handgun seen a couple of strings of 10 including a shoot off for 2nd. in ladies handgun lori raglin shot a 32 for 1st while pam caltabiano shot 9 for 2nd. david powers was the only youth shooter in both handgun and rifle today... in mens handgun big al powers placed 1st with 31 followed by jamie raglin in a multi stage shoot-out with art gordon, jamie rang steel 1st for the silver followed by art with bronze. in ladies rifle pam shot 19 taking gold. mens rifle was won by frank caltabiano with 23 followed by danny stevens with 22 and rounding out 3rd was BJ

600 yard benchrest, 09/26/2015
​Just returned from a 600 yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:    1st  Brad Eslinger  135  2X  using the 6BR cartridge  (shot in the first relay).   2nd  Bill Hommert  134  using the  6BR cartridge  (shot in the second relay).  3rd  Ron Loving  132  3X  using the  6.5x47 Lapua cartridge  (shot in the first relay).   4th  John Reid  129  using the  6BR cartridge  (shot in the first relay).   Small 5-shot group of 2.265 was shot by Bob Reid using the  6BR cartridge.  Hi single target of 49  3X  was shot by Ron Loving.   Had 13 contestants shoot for score.  Wind for first relay was 1-3. For second relay 1-4.   Submitted by Brad Eslinger  Sec. & Trea.  Mt.Shasta Gun Club      9-26-15

1000 yard benchrest, 09/19/2015
Just returned from a 1000 Yd. Benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:   1st    Brad Eslinger  139  using the 6.5-284 Shehane cartridge  (shot in the first relay).   2nd  Ron Loving  135  1X  using the 284 Shehane cartridge (shot in the first relay).   3rd  John Heilman  135 1X  using the   6.5-284 Shehane cartridge  (shot in the first relay).    4th  Yevette Welch  134  1X  using the  6BR cartridge  (shot in the second relay).   Hi single target of 49  3X was shot by Randy Welch using the 6.5-284  Norma  cartridge.   Small 5-shot group of 5.753 was shot by Brad Eslinger.   Had  11 contestants shoot for score.   Wind for first relay was 0-2. Second relay 2-3.   Submitted by Brad Eslinger  Sec. &  Trea. Mt.Shasta Gun Club    9-19-15

4-H shooting sports & Trap, 09/16/2015
a little rain didn't stop shooters from coming out and shooting, guns go off in any weather!

ARA benchrest 09/13/2015
Don Archer won targets 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6
Dewight Oilar won target 5
Overall  Match finishers
Craig Fator 3rd, Don Archer 1st, and Dewight Oilar 2nd.

200 yard benchrest, 09/12/2015
Today was the final short range benchrest match for the 2015 TSA shooting schedule. Turnout for this 200 yard match was light with only three shooters shooting the unlimited category only today. This match was switched with last month when we shot the 300 yard. With light variable and switching winds and slightly overcast skies the results are as follows. Third Place went to Dewight Oilar with a 187-2x, Second to Richard Heinsohn with a 193-1x, and Bob Reid taking the top honor of winning the match by one more point with a 194-1x. Good shooting to all. We look forward to a new season of shooting short range benchrest in the 2016 season. So those of you looking to participate in honing your benchrest skills come join us next season.


Submitted by, 

Richard Heinsohn 
Short Range Match Director

Service Rifle, Handgun, Trap, Skeet & Open Range day, Labor day weekend 2015
service rifle was a windy event, however a strong turn-ouy, ladies handgun nearly seen a perfect score, lori raglin shot a 34, peggy jones wasent far behind, however in the bonus peggy shot all 5 of her targets, 2 weak hand, 2 strong hand and 1 double, pam finished 3rd, pam betsed peggy in rifle shooting a 17 over peggys 11, men handgun had 2 shoot outs with guest shooter david lindberg placing 1st with 32+1 and jamie 2nd with 32 with art and frank shooting it out for 3rd art took 3rd with 31+1 to franks 31, in rifle frank shot a 22, david lindberg shot 20 and smilin mike shot 19, jr rifle seen david powers shoot 6 however he shot a whopping 29 in handgun
open range day seen some action on the shotgun ranges, denise mcmahon won her first cutthroat in a shoot out from the rocks while husband tim choked on the silver bird, high score was jim nicholls in trap with 22, skeet was a learning experience today with new skeet shooters, wesley however busted 2 low house birds at the 17' mark from station 8 !!!

Open Range Day, Sawp meet & shotgun shooting sports, 08/30/2015
it was a slow windy and cool day for the August open range day, the only excitment was Suzzane Love fouled out in skeet, the skeet machine works perfect!
600 yard benchrest & Trap, 08/22/2015
Just returned from a 600 yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:  1st  Brad Eslinger  142  3X  using the 6 BR cartridge (shot in the first relay).  2nd  Darin Vanoosterhout  139  using the 6.5x47 Lapua cartridge  (shot in the first relay).   3rd  Rich Heinsohn  136  1X  using the 6 BR cartridge  (shot in the second relay).   4th  Ron Loving  136  1X  using the 6.5x47 Lapua cartridge  (shot in the second relay).   Hi single target of 49  1X won by Yevette Welch  using the 6 BR cartridge.   Small 5-shot group of 2.789 was taken by Rich Heinsohn.  Had 12 contestants shoot for score.   Wind was 1-3 for both relays.  Submitted by Brad Eslinger  Sec.& Trea.  Mt.Shasta Gun Club    8-22-15
5 shooters today, slow in the heat, they shot 4 squads, wesley shot a 23 today for high score, even the milkman shot with us today.

1000 yard benchrest 08/15/2015
Just returned from a 1000 yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:   1st  Brad Eslinger  141  1X  using the 6.5-284 Shehane cartridge (shot in the first relay).  2nd  Darin Vanoosterhout  134  2X  using the 6.5x47 Lapua cartridge (shot in the second relay).  3rd Ron Loving  132  2X  using the 284 Shehane cartridge (shot in the first relay).  4th  Yvette Welch  132  using the 6 BR cartridge (shot in the second relay).   Small 5-shot group was won by John Heilman 6.042  using the 6.5-284 Shehane cartridge.  Hi single target of 48  1X  was won by Brad Eslinger.  Had 15 contestants shoot for score.  Wind for first relay was 1-3 and for second relay 2-5.  Submitted by Brad Eslinger Sec.& Trea.  Mt.Shasta Gun ClubGerald Sanders
Memorial sporting clay shoot, 08/09/2015 (Clear Creek)
​I would like to thank everyone who came to our 2nd annual Gerald Sander's Tournament today. We had a decent turn out. Thank you to all of our supporters and donators. We couldn't do it without you!! Thank you also to our parents and kids. You are AWESOME! Thank you to our board members for all you do. Nothing goes unnoticed or under appreciated. And finally, thank you Gerald Sander's and the original founders. Thank you for starting this club for our youth and creating a legacy of educated and passionate shooters for our future. We hope to carry on that legacy by fulfilling your vision and keeping it growing. See you next season Clay Busters!!!!
what an awesome day and what a great turn-out to honor the founder of the Clay Busters. 2nd Annual Gerald Sanders Memorial Sporting Clays Tournament GUN WINNERS!!
Ed Little won the shotgun and Bud George won the handgun, Dylan TUMIDANSKI won the Clay Buster safety raffle shotgun, all donated by John Bastiani. John is the real seal, an avid supporter of the youth shooting sports, help him support us...
match results:
Men's 1st: Tom Barnes 2nd: Bill Homs 3rd: Bill Hobson
Woman's 1st: Rhonda Hobson 2nd: Denise McMahon 3rd: Miss Hailey Leonard
Novice (11-12 yr.old)
1st: Garrett Larson 2nd; Wesley Hambright 3rd: Ryan Felciano
Youth (13-14 yr old) 
1st: Darren Carter 2nd: Jake Paul 3rd: Griffin Gormley
Senior (15-16 yr old)
1st: Griffin Peyton 2nd: Liam Brown 3rd: Levi Burt
(Grif and Liam actually tied, but Grif had 4 perfect stations and Liam only had two. Nice shooting, boys!!)

It was a very successful tournament all the way around! Thank you to all of our supporters, parents, and kids. We look forward to next year!

Oh, I guess people want to know who our winners of the gun raffle were! Well, for all of you who bought and sold tickets, thank you for your support. All winners have been contacted. The lucky winners were...#1 Ed Little , #2 Bud E.b. George and for the special Clay Buster drawing, Dylan won a shotgun!! Congratulations to everyone. Again, thank you, Bastiani Arms for the donation of the all three guns!! (Go support this guy and his shop!!)
thank you contributing editor carrie patterson

Service rifle & centerfire benchrest, 08/01/2015
service rifle and centerfire handgun today was well attended. this was our 1st match without previous match director terry the beast bracken who got tired of liberal california and moved to montana...todays ladies handgun was a doozy! lori raglin and peggy jones both shot strings of perfect 30's! lori rang the steel @ 80 yards twice winning the match for a total of 32, husband and club vice president jamie raglin shot 2 strings of 10 and finished 2nd after a shoot out with jerry the beard wilson who also shot strings of 10 along with art gordon who finished 3rd after a shoot out with ethan cunny... peggy was the only lady to shoot rifle today and shot a 20, jr shooter david powers shot handgun and rifle alone as well,,,...in mens rifle guest shooter skip donovan shot 24 and dan stevens shot it out for 2nd against the beard in sudden death besting jerry by 2. sorry about the pictures, I lost them as I am technically challenged and after creating a copied folder deleted the originals and they are now lost in my very full recycle bin, I'l try not to do that again, I promise...

600 yard benchrest, 07/25/2015
​Just returned from a 600 yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:  1st  Darin Vanoosterhout   143   3X   (fifth highest score in club history)  using the 6.5x47 Lapua cartridge  (shot in the first relay).  2nd  Brad Eslinger  140  1X  using the  6 BR cartridge  (shot in the first relay).   3rd  Bill Hommert  131  using the  6 BR cartridge  (shot in the second relay).  4th  Don Robinett  129  1X  using the  6 BR cartridge  (shot in the first relay).  Small 5-shot group of 1.985 was won by Darin Vanoosterhout.  Hi single target of 48  2X was shot by Darin also.   Had 15 contestants shoot for score.  Wind for both relays was 1-4.  Submitted by Brad Eslinger  Sec. & Trea. Mt.Shasta Gun Club   7-25-15

1000 yard benchrest, 07/18/2015
​Just returned from a 1000 yd. benchrest match  in Red Bluff and the results are as follows: 1st  Bud Dean  133 1x  using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the first relay).  2nd  Randy Welch  131 1x  using the 6.5-284 Norma cartridge  (shot in the first relay).  3rd  Bob Reid  120  2x  using the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge  (shot in the first relay).  Hi single target winner was Justin Clester with a score of 46 using the 6BR cartridge. Small 5-shot group of 5.576 was won by Brad Eslinger using the 6.5-284 shehane cartridge.  Had 11 contestants shoot for score.  Wind for both relay was 8-10.  Submitted by Brad Eslinger Sec. & Trea. Mt.Shasta Gun Club

ARA, 07/12/2015
match results,
Tgt 1. Tgt 2. Tgt 3. Tgt 4. Tgt 5
Ray Tickner. 1750. 1875. 1635. 1850. 1925

Craig Fator. 1800. 1675. 1650. 1625. 2075

Mike Tuffs. 1485. 1925. 1385. 1630. 1510

Robert Tornai. 1925. 1850. 1775. 1950. 1900

Robert Vannucci 1625. 1655. 1810. 1660. 1775

submitted by,
Tehama Shooters Assoc. July match results
Dewight D. Oilar
Match Director

Clay Busters 06/28/2015
today was nor cal jr clay busters last trap shoot at the tehama shooters range for the 2015 season. they are moving to clear creek for the remainder of their 2015 season to shoot sporting clays. walt had his monthly class today as well and numerous shooters took advantage of the somewhat cooler weather despite a red flag warning, they were all completed by the 1000 hrs indicated on a red flag day. in cutthroat wesley choked on the money bird and sean morton shot it out with sandbagger bud from the rocks, sandbagger edged sean for the win...in bushwacker it was a patterson shoot-out with chris besting jacob and dad for the win and the winnings.

600 Yard Benchrest, 06/27/2015
New 600 yard club record, Brad Eslinger shoots a 145 2X
​Just returned from a 600 yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:   1st  Brad Eslinger  145  2X (new TSA club/course record)  using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the first relay).  2nd  Yevette Welch  142  2X (ties sixth highest score in TSA history) using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the second relay).  3rd  Don Robinett  128 using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the first relay).  Randy Welch won high single target with a 50  2X using the 6 Dasher cartridge.  Small 5-shot group of 2.205 was shot by Yevette Welch.  Wind was 0-2 for first relay and 1-3 for second relay.   Had nine contestants shoot for  score.    Submitted by Brad Eslinger  Sec. & Trea.  Mt.Shasta Gun Club

Fathers Day, Clay Busters & BBQ, 06/21/2015
what a great day on the range. tommy two dove barnes returned today and ran a 25 in skeet and broke the money bird as well. he did however go out in cutthroat and bushwacker yielding to others. the cutthroat was won by cackler david boles in fine style in a shoot-out with clay busters president eric chewy patterson. in bushwacker the buybacks and shoot-out ended up with the cackler against the homburglar and chewy, david missed his bird then billy missed it as well leaving eric the winner by default, a win is a win, they each were on their buyback dirty. tom & holly cooked up some good eats today too. there were a few stragglers on the centerfire range today as well

1000 yard benchrest, 06/20/2015
Just returned from a 1000yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:  1st  Randy Welch  138   using the 6.5-284 Norma cartridge  (shot in the first relay).  2nd  Brad Eslinger  137  2X  using the 6.5-284 Shehane cartridge (shot in the first relay).  3rd  Justin Clester  136  using the 6 BR cartridge  (shot in the first relay).  Hi single target of 48 was shot by Jeffrey Tooker. Small 5-shot group of 6.532 was also shot by Jeffrey Tooker.   Had 13 contestants shoot for score.  Wind was variable at 2-4.  Submitted by Brad Eslinger Sec. & Trea. Mt.Shasta Gun Club

Mens evening fellowship BBQ and range event, 06/19/2015
Tehama Shooters hosted an evening of mens fellowship and a BBQ for a kind of a pre-fathers day range event. a large group of men bbq'd tritip and had salad, frenchbread and a variety of cold salads. some fellowship and then some shooting! the steel was ringing and the clays were flyin!

4-H & Trap, 06/17/2015
good turn out despite the heat! several kids enjoyed rimfire and trap both this evening. yesterday evening Ron & Neita Reid went to check the south corner gate and discovered a rather large toad of a rattler, picture compliments Neita Reid. the 4-H raffle winner was Ashley, she won a gift card for BIG-5porting goods...she also shot a string of 18! that was the high score for the evening.

Clay busters Trap & ARA benchrest, 06/14/2015
Clay busters stood at attention and recited the pledge as the always do at each shoot, today however it carried a little more as it was the US ARMY 240th anniversary as well as Flag day!
A strong turn out and Griffin P. cleaned up with the money bird and the shoot-out for the cutthroat today while Ryan F won the bushwacker in sudden death shoot-out with Liam B.
ARA results,
Target 1. Target2. Target 3. Target 4. Target 5
1 Dewight Oilar. 1800. 1975. 1750. 1800. 2075
2 Mike Tuffs. 1675. 1800. 1735. 1675. 1670
3 Ray Tickner. 1925. 1800. 1810. 1800. 1475
4 Don Archer. 2025. 2050. 2075. 1950. 2050
5 Ed Little. 1230. 1560. 1475. 1195. 915
6 Craig Fator. 2150. 2275. 1875. 2050. 1850

Skeet & 100 yard benchrest, 06/13/2015
scorching hot temperatures must have scared everybody away today. only shot 2 rounds of skeet and a sparse turn-out on the centerfire line as well, no 25 straight in skeet. in 100 yard benchrest the results are as follows.
Bob Reid 173 1x
Gary Panich 163 1x
Mike Tuff 151

Dweight Oiler 193 3x
Bob Reid 186 2x
Grant Panich 170 1x

Dewight Oiler 197 9x
Bob Reid 196 4x
Gary Panich 185 4x

Trap, 06/07/2015
Clay busters are winding down their Tehama Shooters events and will soon be transitioning to sporting clays at Clear Creek, The hot summer sun slows down shotgun operations in the summer months. today's shooters seen a little excitement with a rattler and the generator blew off the oil cap. thanks to wayne hamgright for turning around at Dales to return to red bluff for solvent to clean up the generator. shooting got started late. no games were played today. tim mcmahon shot a 24 choking on the 11th bird when wayne the milkman called out 10 on station change, it got in tims head! today also had a couple of new shooters and the return of the elliott brothers after a long absence...

Service rifle & centerfire handgun, 06/04/2015
We had a beautiful, but border line hot and somewhat blustery day today at the Service Rifle and Centerfire Handgun match. We had a good turn out with 23 shooters showing up. Vice President Jamie Raglin was viciously attacked by what must have been a very liberal gun grabbing advocate Gopher Snake. I'm happy to report that both the VP and the snake were unharmed and went their own separate way. The Womens Rifle division results were as follows. 1st place went to Paula Bracken with a score of 20. 2nd place went to Pam Caltabiano with a score of 18, followed by Lori Raglin with a score of 16 to secure 3rd place.
The Womens Handgun division places went as follows, 1st place Lori Raglin with a score of 30. 2nd place went to Pam Caltabiano with a score of 9. There were only the 2 shooters in this division today. 
The Men's Rifle division placings were as follows. 1st place went to Donn Kelley with a score of 24. 2nd place went to Big Frank Caltabiano with 23 hits. 3rd place went to Skip Donavan with a score of 22. 
Men's Handgun division placings were, 1st place Keith Van Zandt with 31 hits. 2nd place went to Jamie "the snake charmer" Raglin with a score of 30. 3rd Place resulted in a shoot of between "Carbine" Charlie Lasley and Dan Stevens with a score of 28 hits. Charlie reined victorious over Dan.
The Youth Rifle division was a battle between 2 brothers. Kyle Raglin held on to first place with a score of 19. Ryan secured second place with 11.
The Youth Handgun division was the same sibling battle with Kyle reining victorious with a score of 19, and Ryan in 2nd place with 12 hits.
submitted by match director, the beast

Range Workday, BBQ & Raffle, 06/06/2015
82 showed today to weed eat, trim trees, clean latrines, clean the building, cut wood, bbq, kill snakes, grade the skeet infield, face the 200 yard backstop and numerous other projects. bob martin won the weatherby shotgun, wayne hambright won a roast. numerous kids from 4-H shooting sports, clay Busters showed to work and serve food. everybody was tired, fed and gone by 1200. the range looks awesome. as always thanks you to tom brown and family for cooking the food, it was delicious. without members like you we would have never got this done, Thank You!

Steel action handgun & Clay Busters Trap, 05/31/2015
​Sad news to report this morning, Gordon Lehman USCG, passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer, we hate cancer. Old Glory flew half staff in his honor as well as in honor of Larry Snell RBFD, who passed away earlier last week. on the trap range wesley hambright broke the money bird today and cleaned up in the buy back in bushwacker, jacob patterson outlasted the rest in cutthroat for that win. a snake met its demise near the spectator area today as well. skeet was shot too, no 25 straight there either..
in the steel match there were a couple of courses set up and a shoot out for cash.
here are the overall results... and the link to the classes and scores (https://practiscore.com/results.php…) 
Tehama Shooters May Steel Match
Match Results - Combined

Match Final Stage 1 Shoot And Move Stage 2 Stand And Deliver Stage 3 Steady As She Goes Stage 4 Damn Plate Rack
Final Name # Class Division Time Raw PD P Fin Rank Raw PD P Fin Rank Raw PD P Fin Rank Raw PD P Fin Rank
1 Caltabiano, Frank UN SSP 85.90 22.03 0 0.00 22.03 1 29.05 0 0.00 29.05 1 10.65 0 0.00 10.65 1 24.17 0 0.00 24.17 1
2 Carlson, Mike UN SSP 147.29 38.14 0 0.00 38.14 2 57.45 0 0.00 57.45 5 14.96 0 0.00 14.96 3 36.74 0 0.00 36.74 3
3 Patterson, Eric UN SSP 154.71 47.46 5 0.00 49.96 3 51.11 10 0.00 56.11 4 17.10 0 0.00 17.10 4 31.54 0 0.00 31.54 2
4 Mcintire, Orin UN SSP 159.09 52.74 5 0.00 55.24 5 37.54 10 0.00 42.54 2 13.59 0 0.00 13.59 2 42.72 10 0.00 47.72 5
5 Dalaske, Doug UN SSP 170.45 53.08 5 0.00 55.58 6 51.98 5 0.00 54.48 3 17.71 0 0.00 17.71 5 42.68 0 0.00 42.68 4
6 Hasley, Mike UN SSP 234.13 55.24 0 0.00 55.24 4 62.52 30 0.00 77.52 6 42.71 0 0.00 42.71 9 58.66 0 0.00 58.66 6
7 Stevens, Dan UN ESP 244.54 55.41 15 3.00 65.91 7 87.16 5 0.00 89.66 7 25.30 0 0.00 25.30 6 63.67 0 0.00 63.67 7
8 Mcmordie, Zack UN SSP 274.19 75.97 10 0.00 80.97 9 75.32 50 0.00 100.32 8 25.41 0 0.00 25.41 7 62.49 10 0.00 67.49 9
9 Laslery, Charlie UN ESP 282.73 72.41 0 0.00 72.41 8 78.08 65 0.00 110.58 9 32.75 0 0.00 32.75 8 66.99 0 0.00 66.99 8
10 Caltabiano, Pam UN SSP 630.45 106.64 0 0.00 106.64 11 200.01 15 0.00 207.51 11 125.47 0 0.00 125.47 10 185.83 10 0.00 190.83 10
11 George, Bud UN SSP - 77.69 20 0.00 87.69 10 116.10 30 0.00 131.10 10 - - - - - - - - - -

Open range, Swap meet & shotgun, 05/30/2015 
a steady stream of shooters and shoppers and just plain curious folk today, no straight skeet scores today. warmed up after the cloud cover broke. posted a videos earlier still a great day on the range...

600 yard benchrest & Trap, 05/23/2015
​nice manageable turnouts on both benchrest & trap today. in benchrest bob reid, yvette welch & jeffery tooker took 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively, Yvette shot high target today with 49 1X and a guest shooter brian sellars shot 7th smallest group in club history. in trap david the cackler boles was on the range after a long absense and broke the money bird and choked after that leaving tim mcmahon and david poteet in shoot out from the rocks, david out lasted tim for the win, david went on to outlast kevin kumpala after he choked on a whole bird in the bushwacker for a double up in the games and the money from the buy-backs...
600 yard results,
Just returned from a 600 YD. Benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows: 1st Bob Reid 132 using the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge (shot in the first relay). 2nd Yevette Welch 131 2X using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the second relay). 3rd Jeffrey Tooker 130 2X using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the first relay). 4th Justin Clester 129 1X using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the first relay). 5th Brad Eslinger 126 using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the first relay). Hi single target was shot by Yevette Welch with a 49 1X score. Small 5-shot group was taken by Brian Sellars 1.531 ( seventh smallest group in club/course history) using the .243 Winchester cartridge. Had 17 contestants shoot for score. Wind for both relays was 3-5 and shifting which resulted in no high scores being shot. Submitted by Brad Eslinger Sec. & Trea. Mt.Shasta Gun Club

4-H shooting sports, rimfire & trap, 05/20/2015
good turn-out this evening for rimfire shooting & shotgun shooting sports. as always the 4-H kids and leaders recite the pledge of allegiance before each event as well as a quick safety meeting. this is a very refreshing sight. a brief thunder storm moved through with a strong wind, this caused targets to dance! the dark back light sky down range with the light on the targets made them easy to see, the wind however just kept pushing them about...

Bob Stillwell Memorial 100, 05/17/2015
better than 30 contestants turned out today for what we call around the range "Bobs shoot" special guest of honor today was Bobs wife Maud, daughter Sally and grandson Bob. after the pledge and squading the shoot began on time. the weather was somewhat hazy making targets very difficult to see. this factor resulted in some rather low scores from normally good shooters! however the shooting went on with no major incidents. each shooter shot 25 rounds from the west trap and then 25 rounds from the east trap. the men were handicapped today, all others were at the 16 yard line. several contestants pulled out early as they other duties to attend to. the remainder after shooting their first 50 retired to the clubhouse for a bbq lunch put on by the clay busters, a thanks goes out to the cooks mark L and others, the elk chili was tops! after lunch the men were handicapped in A, B, C & D classes from 16 yard to 18 and the farthest back was 23 yards today. in ladies 1st carrie patterson, 2nd lori stillie & 3rd denise mcmahon, juniors was dominated by jacob patterson followed by sean morton, sean shot a 24 his 1st round and then fell to pieces! he still scored 2nd and liam brown settled for 3rd youth class was finally won by wesley hambright! right behind him was chris patterson, griffin gormley took 3rd home after a sudden death shoot off with chris... today mens D was won by gavin gormley, 2nd went to dan mapelsdon rounding out 3rd was tim mcmahon, mens C went to wade larson, 2nd went to tom brown and 3rd was won by wayne hambright, in mens B cole barnes squeaked out a win against eric patterson and followed by willie boles, the A shooters was tommy two dove barnes with larry smalley taking second and that dirty rotten sandbagger bud placed 3rd... again a special thanks to the stillwell hacko families, clay busters, long ranch and the contestants, you are the people we depend on to make this place work!

1000 yard benchrest, 05/16/2015
Just returned from a 1000 Yd. Benchrest match in  Red Bluff and the results are as follows:  1st  Brad Eslinger  142  3X (5th highest score in club history) using the 6.5-284 Shehane cartridge (shot in the first relay). 2nd  Darin Vanoosterhout  137  1X using the 6.5x47 Lapua cartridge (shot in the first relay).  3rd  BJ Gummerus  131 using the 6.5-284 Norma cartridge.  4th  Randy Welch  129 using the 6.5-284 Norma cartridge (shot in the first relay).  Hi single target was shot by Brad Eslinger 50  2X.   Small 5-shot group was won by Darin Vanoosterhout  4.010.   Had 15 contestants shoot for score.  Submitted by Brad Eslinger Sec. & Trea. Mt.Shasta Gun Club

ARA rimfire benchrest, 05/10/2015
Tehama Shooters Assoc. May 10 match results

                          Target 1. Target 2  Target 3. Target 4.  Target 5.       Total
Dewight Oilar      2100.      2100.      2300.      2000.       2150.           10650
Craig Fator.         2125.     2275.      1950.      2025.       1975.           10350

Mike Tuffs           1825.      1975.      1760.      1575.       1460.           8595

Chris Wray.          2150.      2050.      1950.     1975.        1825.          9950

Arthur Mayne.      1800.      2000.      1785.      1775.       1525.         8885

Grant Pollock.       1785.     1800.     1925.       1300.       1725.         8535

Robert Tornai.       1700.      2275.      2000.      2050.      1750.         9775

Don Archer.           2060.      2300.       2135.      2350.     2250.         11085

Shotgun operations & 200 yard benchrest, 05/09/2015
Shotgun operations was slow today, there however will be plenty of shooters next Sunday for the Stllwell handicap. We did have a new shooter who was introduced to the fine art of trap shooting. A couple of the A shooters practiced from their handicap. In any event, it was a fine day on the range. Ranch manager Ron Reid hung out with us as well...
Results for the 200 yard benchrest match Saturday the 9th of May, 2015.
Today the weather started out nice with minimal breeze of 2-3 mph and 62 degrees with just a handful of competitors shooting two of the three classes of competition. In all, six shooters attended the match with four shooters shooting the modified and all six shooting the unlimited. In the modified class third place went to Ray Browning with a 167. Second place went to Joe Cerami with a 170 and first place went to Bud Dean with a 184.

When everyone started shooting the unlimited the wind started playing games with the bullets as we started shooting the second target but the scores remained high. The order of the winners were the same as in the modified class where third place honors went to Ray Browning with a 181 1x. Second Place went to Joe Cerami with a 184 1x and top honors of first place went to Bud Dean with a 186 1x.

Thanks for all those who came out to attend today’s match and help with setup and tear down. Your help is very much appreciated. The next benchrest match will be the 100 yard match on June 13, 2015 so mark your calendars.

Submitted by
Richard Heinsohn

Youth Range Day, BBQ & Clay Busters Trap & Skeet, 05/03/2015
what an awesome day on the range! perfect weather and good people came together today to shoot, rifles, handguns & shotguns and eat some food prepared by tom & holly brown. in games eric patterson outlasted jim huntsman in bushwacker for the win, jim however out lasted henry b. in the cutthroat for the win from the rocks. kayle h. choked on the money bird today. plenty of shooters around for food, darren meade brought venison burgers to feast upon along with burgers and dogs from A&R. some 4-H and clay busters were introduced to skeet today and enjoyed themselves. thanks to all who showed up to shoot or help out.

Service Rifle & centerfire handgun, 05/02/2015
we couldn't have asked for better conditions for a shootin match! a good turn-out today. light on the ladies & youth, however there were a few there. lori raglin, pat jones, jamie raglin & al powers all shot 10 strings in handgun. as always smilin mike was mixing things up in that department! in rifle Dan Stevens shot a 25 for the gold followed by don kelly taking silver with a score of 23 and club vice president jamie raglin rounded out with the bronze shooting a 22. the youth was won by kyle raglin followed by morgan orick with 15 & 11 respectively. ladies handgun was won by lori raglin firing an impressive 29! pat jones shot a 30 followed by jamie raglin tieing his bride with 29 and poweral shot a 27...youth handgun came down to a shoot out between kyle & morgan

KSTG action handgun & Clay Busters Trap, 04/26/2015
Superior weather today on the range. KSTG had a good turn-out, a brief video was posted today from the range moments after it was shot, this was a 1st for the social media director...
KSTG results to follow.     Todays match results from the KSTG action pistol. PLease come and shoot with us next time out. Contact me if you want more information.
Frank Caltabiano 529-1925

Clay Busters trap was full of activity, in the cutthroat levi choked on the silver bird, the match had to be re-shot as the cutthroat was completed before the money bird emerged. jacob patterson was put out in a shoot off with guest shooter Stephanie, she clinched the match winning shoot tickets. in the bushwacker gavin out lasted the sandbagger in a buy back earning shoot tickets and cash! a new policy regarding dropped targets, push-ups! several of the clay busters were seen doing a push-up for each dropped target today.​

600 yard benchrest & Trap, 04/25/2015
benchrest shooters were greeted with optimal conditions for the 1st relay, however the wind started blowing right on que for the 2nd relay. trap shooters were sparse, the ones who did shoot were practicing for the logger shoot this Sunday. skeet will be cancelled Sunday as most of the skeet shooters will be at the logger shoot (Clay Busters still shoot trap, feel free to join us). 
Just returned from a 600 Yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows: 1st Don Robinett 130 using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the first relay). 2nd Bill Hommert 128 1X using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the second relay). 3rd Everet Smith 128 using the 6 Dasher cartridge (shot in the first relay). 4th Darin Vanoosterhout 124 using the 6.5x47 Lapua cartridge (shot in the second relay). Hi single target of 49 1X was won by Brad Eslinger. Small 5-shot group was won by Yevette Welch 1.981. Had 16 entries shoot for score. Wind for first relay was 3-5 and 4-7 for second relay and yet a good time was had by all. Submitted by Brad Eslinger Sec. & Trea. Mt.Shasta Gun Club

ARA benchrest & shotgun, 04/19/2015
Name.                  T(1)          T(2).          T(3).          T(4).          T(5)

Dewight Oilar    2300.        2100.        2375.        1850.      2125
Arthur Mayne.    2000.        1850          2024.        1635.      1625
Mike Tuffs.        1700.        1400.        1935.          1875.      1670
Ray Tickner.      1525.        1925.        2025.          1925.        1800
Craig Fator.        2275.        2350.        2150.          2125.      ,2400
Robert Vannucci 1975.        1600.        1695.          1610.      1975
Don Archer.        2350.        2200.        2200.          2300.      1900
A thanks of gratitude goes out to Art Gorgon for filling in while shotgun director was ill. Art reported no 25 straight on the skeet field...

1000 yard benchrest, 04/18/2015
Just returned from a 1000 Yd. Benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:  1st  Ron Loving  138  1X  (shot in the first relay) using the 284 Shehane cartridge.  2nd  Bob Reid  137  3X  (shot in the first relay)  using the 6BR cartridge.  3rd  Jeffrey Tooker  137  3X  (shot in the first relay) using the 260 Remington cartridge.  Small 5-shot group went to Bob Reid 4.703.  Hi single target was shot by Bob Reid  49  2X.  Had 15 contestants shoot for score.  Wind for both relays was about 1-3.   Submitted by Brad Eslinger  Sec. & Trea.  Mt.Shasta Gun Club

4-H shooting sports & shotgun, 04/15/2015
these shooters were met with stiff cold wind, that however did not stop them from having fun!

Round-Up breast cancer 2015, 04/12/2015
Round -Up breast cancer 3 gun shooting match part of the 11 days of the Red Bluff Round-Up held on the Long Ranch east of town. this year Round-Up's James Miller turned out for the event. he was seen shooting a PINK rifle and shooting PINK shotgun shells so we know he's tough enough to wear PINK. a lot of familiar faces and some new ones too! the nor cal jr clay busters were on hand to compete as well as help with the food, score keeping and clean-up. tom brown vp of the clay busters served a great lunch today for a small donation to go towards the donation they traditionally donate alongside the Tehama Shooters donation to the Mercy Foundation North and the Radiology department at St Elizabeths for navigation nurse and improvements to detection of the scourge of breast cancer, WE HATE CANCER!
this year a slight up-set with mark brown of browns precision taking overall 1st place with 55 (of a possible 60)
followed closely by josh sutherland taking silver scoring a 54 and Club Vice president jamie raglin rounded out mens with a 52 earning the bronze. ladies was won again by phenom shooter lori raglin, she shot a 54 taking the gold lori is a Mamographer at St E's barbra casteel placed silver with a 45 and carrie patterson earned 3rd with 39
youth was another close contest between wesley hambright and jacob patterson, wesley shot a 50 followed by jacobs 46 younger brother chris rounded out for 3rd striking 43 targets todaythe junior team was won by none other than wesley and katie with 70 the mixed team of the raglins fired a 106 ladies was won by lori and the barb and in mens jamie and josh teamed of to shoot a tie to the ladies 106. thanks to the RN BAR, Red Bluff Round-Up, Zelmas, Clay Busters & everybody else who turned out to shoot, eat and have fun!

300 yard benchrest & Skeet, 04/11/2015
Just returned from a 300 yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows:  Sporter Class:  1st  Don Robinett  177  2X using the .223 cartridge.  2nd  Bud Dean  162  1X  (had four entries)   Modified Class:  1st  Don Robinett  186  using the 6BR cartridge.  2nd  Brad Eslinger  178 1X  using the .308 Winchester cartridge.  3rd  Bob McNames  173  2X using the 6PPC cartridge. (had seven entries).   Unlimited Class:  1st Bob McNames  189 using the 6PPC cartridge.  2nd Joe Cerami  188 using the 30 BR cartridge.  3rd  Brad Eslinger  185  using the 6BR cartridge. (had eight entries).  Very light wind. A good time was had by all.    Brad Eslinger Sec. & Trea. MS Gun Club
tommy barnes shoots a new course record of 73 today, the explitives were flyin on those 2 misses!

Service rifle & centerfire pistol (youth rimfire) 04/04/2015
Wow, Lori Raglins runs a 30 (35 possible) in pistol today! she, Barbra Casteel, Peggy Jones & Jamie raglin struck steel today in pistol @ 150 yards! Kyle shoots a 21 in youth rimfire handgun, Morgan placed 2nd with 14, Dylan rounded off bronze shooting a 13 for 3rd and Ryan shot 11...youth rimfire rifle was won by Dylan shooting an 8 and brother Morgan trailing with 5...ladies rifle was won by Peggy Jones in a sudden death shoot out with Barbra Casteel, Peggy rung steel 1st edging out The Barb landing her in 2nd with a 14
ladies handgun was impressive! Lori Raglin shot 2 perfect strings and only dropped one target in the relay, she was only one of 5 out of over 20 shooting at the bonus handgun target @ 150 yards who added their score with the long distance shot. Peggy shot a 27 for 2nd and Barb shot a 3 with her .380 she did however strike the steel @ 150 with it...mens handgun was won by VP Raglin with a score of 28, 2 short of his wifes score, Harry O shot a 25 for 2nd & Carbine Chas Lasley took bronze wih a 23...
mens rifle was led by the beast with 25 followed closely by donn shooting a 24 & jeff right there too with 23

Nor Cal Jr Clay Busters 1st Spring Tournament
40 shooters and their guests totaling nearly 100 people converged upon the range today and Appleseed too...
each contestant shot 4 rounds, 2 from each trap for their combined scores. a tie for 3rd in the youth division between Nolan R and Kyle R resulted in ryan walking away with the 3rd place medallion. the real upset came from hailey L and her 3rd time ever shooting trap taking the ladies division today. no surprise that tommy two dove barnes cleaned up mens division, there was no handicap today, all men shot from 20 yards. wesley finally is a champion winning youth and henry took jr...tom brown bbqed another off the charts tri-tip and members brought salads and deserts as well. appleseed joined for lunch too.

600 yard benchrest & Trap, 03/28/2015
extreme calm greeted the 1st relay for the 600 yard benchrest today, however, a westerly cross "wind" shook things up for the subsequent relays today. the 1st relay shooters nearly always have superior targets as generally the early morning hour(s) are typically dead calm, this gives those shooting the 1st relay a distinct advantage...they handed out hardware for the 2014 champs as well ( for those 2014 champs who attended todays match) Trap was slow, the wind made it interesting, regardless, kyle & ryan shot very well considering.
Just returned from a 600 yd. benchrest match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows: 1st Randy Welch 143 1X , using the 6 Dasher cartridge (shot in the first relay). 2nd Darin Vanoosterhout 139 2X using the 6.5x47 Lapua cartridge (shot in the first relay). 3rd Don Robinett 137 using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the first relay). 4th Bill Hommert 2X using the 6BR cartridge (shot in the second relay). 5th Everett Smith 129 1X using the 6 Dasher cartridge (shot in the second relay). Hi single target score was won by Randy Welch 49 1X. Small 5-shot group was won by Randy Welch 1.505 (6th smallest group in club/course history). Had 23 contestants shoot for score which was the largest turnout in club history for the 600 yd. benchrest match. Submitted by Brad Eslinger Sec.& Trea. Mt.Shasta Gun Club

Nor Cal Jr Clay Busters Trap & Tehama Shooters Skeet, 03/22/2015
what an awesome turn-out. the south wind was cold and stiff. it was pushing the skeet birds off flight and pushing the trap birds down a great deal. Clay Busters Jacob, Wesley and Bradley made a real impression on the older guys today. Jacob shot it out in cutthroat with Bill Hom, Billy out-lasted Jacob just barely, Billy went on to say, "you cant give that kid a chance" Bradley broke the money bird today and Wesley shot it out with David Poteet just barley squeaking out a win there. one of the the Raglin boys went out this morning and bagged a gobbler. 9 full squads of trap & 4 of skeet along with a cutthroat & a bushwacker. thank you all for attending!

1000 yard benchrest, 03/21/2015
The Results are in:
Just returned from a 1000 Yd. Benchrest Match in Red Bluff and the results are as follows: 1st Ron Loving 136 1X using the 284 Shehane cartridge (shot in the 2nd relay). 2nd Jeffrey Tooker 136 1X using the 260 Remington cartridge (shot in the 1st relay). 3rd Randy Welch 134 using the 6.5-284 Norma cartridge (shot in the 1st relay). 4th BJ Gummerus 130 1X using the 6.5-284 Norma cartridge (shot in the 3rd relay). 5th Brad Eslinger 126 using the 6.5-284 Shehane cartridge (shot in the 2nd relay). Small 5-shot group was won by Ron Loving 3.459 (9th smallest group in club history). Hi single target was shot by Richard Heinsohn with a 49 2X score. Had 20 contestants shoot for score. Submitted by Brad Eslinger Sec. & Trea. Mt.Shasta Gun Club
Tehama Shooters Association 
2014 - 1,000 Yard Benchrest Results

Final Results
Average Group Shooter Inches
Ron Loving 8.358
Justin Clester 8.832
Darin Van O. 8.940
Randy Welch 9.441
Brad Eslinger 10.134
John Heilman 10.614
BJ Gummerus 10.733
Bud Dean 10.996
Bob Reid 11.068
Jeff Ho 13.219

Total Score
Ron Loving 808-2x
John Heilman 790-5x
Darin Van O. 779-7x
Bob Reid 772-9x
Bud Dean 762-3x
Justin Clester 761-4x
Randy Welch 755-7x
Jeff Ho 744-2x
Brad Eslinger 736-5x
BJ Gummerus 724-1x
Randy Welch High Score Single Target 49-3X
Justin Clester Best Small Group Single Target 4.059"

4-H rimfire & Tehama shooters trap, 03/18/2015
a stiff wind greeted shooters and targets this evening, you can count on one hand the days in the year when the wind dont blow across the manton plains, that however has never stopped shooting! kids galore and the ladies shot their 1st round of trap free! 4 ladies took advantage of the offer, thanks for coming out!

Run-N-Gun & Clay Busters Trap, 03/15/2015
13 tactical shooters ran 2 relays today in a windy course where shooters fired from left hand, right hand handgun then on to left then right rifle double taps followed by tactical shotgun station with a re-load there, all station with exception to final station required reloads. josh sutherland topped the match with the best time/score followed by big frank and rounding out 3rd was jim beltramo. up top on the shotgun field nolan and chris shot-out a bonus cutthroat. the bonus was shot to reveal the silver bird. the silver bird was picked up by chris p as well. the 1st cutthroat was a shoot-out between that kid wesley and liam b. they shot it out from the rocks, and liam out-lasted wesley, this time! in bushwacker that dad gummed jacob patterson out-lasted nearly everybody with exception to the sandbagger, jacob missed his own target choking himself out to the sandbaggers releif costing jacob the 3 in a row! he still can pull off a monthly trifecta next weekend, he shot high score trap with 23

Shotgun operations & 100 yard benchrest, 03/14/2015
trap, skeet, shotgun games and 100 yard benchrest today. light sprinkles occasionally didnt stop a select number of people from coming out to the range today. jim huntsman won cutthroat #1 while austin m. punched clean the silver bird for the money. austin went on to put out his dad darren in cutthroat #2, we played 2 waiting for skeet shooters to clear station 8 so we could shoot a bushwacker. billy hom won bushwacker by default today, a win is a win! david poteet shot a 25 straight in trap, he however choked on target #31 and lost his 50, he choked on the same target from station 2, round 2 and the same straightaway bird 2 times today, shooting a 73 for high score...max thomas shot a high score of 23 in skeet...
Results for 100 yard benchrest on March 14, 2015
Today, we had some good weather conditions for our first match of the year. Though the skies were cloudy and a few sprinkles the temperature was warm and the winds were very calm for March weather making for some excellent shooting conditions and high scores. For the Factory/Sporter class rifles first place went to Don Robinett with 194-1x, Second place went to Bob Reid with 192-2x, and third place went to Bob McNames with a 174-1x. In the Modified class first place we have a new club record set by Bob McNames with a perfect 200-7x, previously held by Stu Prince at 200-6x. Second place to Bob Reid with a 199-2x and third place to Dwight Oilar with a 196-3x. We had seven shooters participate in the Unlimited class and some great scores were shot. First place went to Dwight Oilar with another perfect score of 200-13x, just missing tying the club record of 200-14x held by Stu Prince. Second place was shot by Bob Reid with 199-5x (bride’s maid for all three categories) and third place to Joe Cerami with 198-7x. Congratulation’s to all the winners. In all, nine shooters showed up for the first match of the year and we look forward to the return of the 300 yard match scheduled for Saturday April 11, 2015. Until then shoot straight.
Submitted by

Richard Heinsohn

Clay Busters & ARA, 03/08/2015
jacob patterson strikes again! jacob out lasted the sandbagger for the 2nd bushwacker win in 2 weeks! he did hower digress with a score of 10 in 16 yard trap earlier in the day... jake paul out lasted clay buster president eric patterson fpr the cutthroat win from the rocks, jake also went on to put eric out in bushwacker before himself being put out as well.
jakob woods called pull and the silver bird emerged, however somebody else was overcome with excitement and shot, so then several more fired and broke it, jakob was penalized for the balk! lots of kids today, and thanks to the parents for getting involved. in ARA don archer shot a perfect target today (2500), and the club president was about shooting that match today.

Service Rifle & centerfire handgun, 03/07/2015
March service rifle and centerfire handgun today was one of the best. the weather was spectacular, shooting was great as well! 36 competed in the event, there were full squads of Jr, ladies and men, in both handgun & rifle.
the beast dominated rifle with 27 a shoot of between guest shooter brian geesaman and craig love for 2nd in a sudden death at 200 yards and standing, the exchanged gunfire a few times with craig out-lasting brian with 25+1 and brian rounded out 3rd with 25 ladies riifle was topped by kim fullingim with 22 barbra casteel followed in 2nd with 18, she fled the scene prior to pictures and pam caltabiano finished 3rd shooting a 16 in ladies handgun, kim fullingim shot a 28 matching mens 1st place shooter, loari raglin shot a 27 out scoring the 2nd place mens score by 7! and pam caltabiano finished bronze with 6, she exclaimed she needs practice! the youth side was great, cole and dylan shot rifle, sorry results lost, and in youth handgun, kyle edged out younger brother ryan 10 to 6 with dylan taking bronze with a 2! mens handgun was won by jamie raglin shooting a 28 2nd was big franks at a score of 20followed by smilin mike carlson and 18 
the service rifle and handgun match continues to be the most popular match regularly held, great job terry & mike!

Open Range day, swap meet , Clay busters & shotgun shooting sports
better than 50 people turned out today to either attend the swap meet, shoot trap or skeet with the Clay Busters or just watch or use the facilities. tom barnes shot another 25 straight in skeet. clay buster liam brown broke the silver bird today for better than $20.00 winnings! clay buster jacob patterson outlasted over 29 contestants in bushwacker in a shoot out with billy hom. jeff hop sign shimuzu fouled out today, we did however name the low house in his honor, he was the first person to contact the low house with projectiles from his shotgun. the low house has been named in his honor "the oriental" from the classic western movie tombstone. jeff has a peculiar history, he was born in an internment camp during WWII, the running joke is he was born in prison! we love him! ron n neita reid were cruising about today as well looking over the spread. tommy two doves barnes fouled out today once as well. jim nichols out lasted art gordon for the cutthroat. many good deals had today in reloading stuff...

KSTG action pistol match, 02/28/2015,
Tehama Shooters KSTG 2/28/15
Match Results - Combined
Match Final Stage 1 (Skills For Bill) Stage 2 (This Is My Claim) Stage 3 (Strong, Weak, Free) Stage 4 (Dog Day Standards)
1 Caltabiano, Frank  SS SSP 87.16 17.71 5 0.00 20.21 1 17.06 13 0.00 23.56 1 19.41 11 0.00 24.91 1 15.48 6 0.00 18.48 1
2 Mill, Nathan   UN SSP 126.11 19.82 8 0.00 23.82 2 35.01 11 0.00 40.51 4 25.42 3 0.00 26.92 2 32.86 4 0.00 34.86 8
3 Brown, Mark a735987 UN CDP 128.31 28.06 8 0.00 32.06 6 28.24 8 0.00 32.24 3 30.53 1 0.00 31.03 3 31.48 3 0.00 32.98 4
4 Eggleston, Jeff   UN CDP 131.54 23.93 14 6.00 36.93 7 25.55 11 0.00 31.05 2 26.06 15 0.00 33.56 5 26.00 8 0.00 30.00 2
5 Williams, James   UN SSP 148.61 32.74 4 3.00 37.74 8 41.47 1 0.00 41.97 5 30.58 8 0.00 34.58 6 33.82 1 0.00 34.32 7
6 Beltramo, Jason   UN SSR 156.53 23.71 14 0.00 30.71 4 48.55 6 6.00 57.55 8 21.46 22 0.00 32.46 4 29.31 13 0.00 35.81 10
7 Beltramo, Jim a664685 UN SSP 158.88 25.87 10 0.00 30.87 5 52.57 13 0.00 59.07 9 34.13 6 0.00 37.13 8 30.31 3 0.00 31.81 3
8 Carlson, Mike   UN SSP 162.57 17.88 19 0.00 27.38 3 27.83 29 0.00 42.33 6 31.11 10 0.00 36.11 7 50.25 13 0.00 56.75 12
9 Lasley, Charlie   UN CDP 189.71 44.62 8 0.00 48.62 10 49.15 29 0.00 63.65 10 38.53 7 0.00 42.03 9 32.41 6 0.00 35.41 9
10 Kelly, Don   UN ESP 197.13 45.89 11 0.00 51.39 11 58.39 16 0.00 66.39 11 42.26 6 0.00 45.26 10 29.09 10 0.00 34.09 5
11 Powers, Al   UN SSP 233.94 87.01 7 0.00 90.51 17 54.58 3 0.00 56.08 7 52.69 1 0.00 53.19 12 31.16 6 0.00 34.16 6
12 Stevens, Dan   UN ESP 244.73 54.69 5 0.00 57.19 13 69.93 7 0.00 73.43 12 41.86 9 0.00 46.36 11 67.75 0 0.00 67.75 14
13 West, Jim   UN SSP 289.95 36.33 8 0.00 40.33 9 107.93 18 0.00 116.93 15 80.93 5 0.00 83.43 16 45.26 8 0.00 49.26 11
14 Wilson, Jerry   UN CDP 292.03 61.20 24 0.00 73.20 15 63.68 37 0.00 82.18 13 57.45 7 0.00 60.95 13 70.70 10 0.00 75.70 16
15 Jones, Peggy   UN SSP 349.58 65.46 22 0.00 76.46 16 143.23 5 0.00 145.73 16 61.87 8 0.00 65.87 14 61.52 0 0.00 61.52 13
16 Gordon, Art   UN SSP 356.26 55.84 13 0.00 62.34 14 133.34 30 0.00 148.34 17 65.69 10 0.00 70.69 15 65.89 18 0.00 74.89 15
17 Piellusch, Gene   UN SSP - 41.43 20 0.00 51.43 12 92.78 3 0.00 94.28 14 - - - - - - - - - 
(this is an awesome event to attend, much fun and activity)

Shotgun operations & Clay Busters sign-ups, 02/22/2015
shotgun shooting sports was a little tricky today with the north wind blowing @ 20-25MPH. the targets were dancing up and down and right and left. tom barnes out-lasted wesley for the cutthroat. art gordon broke the silver bird again, thats twice in a row! eric patterson outlasted leah hambright for the bushwacker win. clay buster sign-ups were slow today, clay busters made a hot lunch for a small donation as well. the next clay buster sign-up is 02/24/2015 @ the M&M ranchhouse on antelope, 6-8pm...even with the freezing stiff wind it was an awesome day on the best range this side of the pecos!

4-H shooting sports, 02/21/2015
Antelope 4-H shooting sports today had each station on the rimfire range full with kids waiting to shoot and full squads on the trap range shooting. after they shot they bbq some buck burgers and had lunch.

Valentines day 2015 shotgun shooting sports, 02/14/2015
Valentines shotgun operations
what an awesome day on the best range this side of the pecos! jim nicholls outlasted the crew for the cutthroat win while art gordon broke the money bird. art out lasted eric patterson for the bushwacker win. the ladies got chocolate and shot for free!

Service rifle & centerfire handgun, 02/07/2015
thats right! no ladies or kids today, pretty rough conditions! stiff cold southwind made targets elusive. after handing out awards to those present from the 2014 shoot season, the pledge, safety meeting and a prayer the shooting began. ho jeff was lookin good coming out of the gate today, he however pulled a patsy and fell to pieces! the beast rang more steel today in mens rifle with 25 to take 1st, 2nd went to donn with 19 and carbine charlie lasley rounded out 3rd with 18. funny how they said them light .223 bullets dont fly good in the wind! the beast shot .223 today and won the match! that dirty rotten sandbagger bud even hit the 500M 3X's with his spadeanator .223... in handgun poweral shot 24 taking 1st, with that dad gummed carbine charlie with a six shooter placing 2nd with 23!!! and jamie rounding out 3rd with 21. handgun score were looking real good until smilin mike the match director for handgun changed things up! he switched out targets between relays and changed distances too. the course of fire remained the same, this changed things...

Shotgun shooting sports 02/01/2015
good turn-out today. cold dark skies made the targets hard to see, that didnt stop jim nicholls from outlastin the sandbagger, the sandbagger choked on the money bird forfeiting the winnings to the club. billy the homburglar shot a 25 in trap and got puffed in the bushwacker by art smokey gordon. the milkman shot 25 in trap today and mr patterson choked on the 25 with a 24. tommy barnes shot another clean round of skeet, however in classic style choked on the 50, he shot 73 of 75

4-H shooting sports & shotgun operations, 01/24/2015
40 parents and kids turned out this morning for 4-H shooting sports. they began the day with the pledge of allegiance and then some training. they shot rimfire silhouettes & some trap too! shotgun was slow on the casual side, only 2 shooters shot skeet. billy the homburglar shot a 25 straight in trap, no clean score in skeet. david the cackler boles outlasted wesley hambright today in cutthroat, its just a matter of time until wesley dominates the game! that dirty rotten sandbagger bud somehow didn't choke on the silver bird today. no bushwacker...

Skeet & Tehama County Young MARINES, 01/18/2015
Tom 'two dove' Barnes runs the skeet range with a perfect score of 25 straight today ending the drought on the course and earning 10 shoot tickets! way to go tommy! a good turn-out for the weather today, any day on the range is a good day! the young MARINES hoisted the colors in honorable fashion then had some classroom time for training and safety. a thanks to carrie patterson, james corless, tim huckabay, ron ross, roy fansler, roy winter and lee grimes. they showed the kids USMC firearms from the 1903 SPRINGFIELD up to the current platform. the kids fired .22lr at targets standing, sitting and prone and then fired the AR-15's and some even got to shoot an M1A1 GARAND & M14

Skeet, 01/10/2015
13 shooters 8 squads throwers worked good, most of the time. the pitch targets had some trouble at first in the high house. we were informed today that jeff hop sing shimuzu was the 1st to contact the low house with bb's!!! so we named the low house ' the oriental " honoring the famed gambling house from tombstone! jeff was not on hand today to accept the honor, we'll catch up to him later. it was cold, however still a great day at the range! still no 25 straight, tommy two dove said he has it figured out....

Shotgun operations 01/04/2015
20 shooters turned out today for a freezing good time on the range bustin clay targets! david the cackler boles shot 25 in trap along with jim nicholls. still no 25 on the skeet field!!! billy hom cleaned up in the games, he took both the custer and the bushwacker today. wavin willie boles broke the silver bird for a $16.00 purse! after trap squads and games shooters shot skeet. the range was covered today with families out shooting and enjoying their range, lots of smiling faces and gunfire!

Service rifle & centerfire handgun 01/03/2015

24 contestants braved freezing temperatures today at the 1st official club function of the 2015 shoot season. the 2014 champions were announced today for service rifle, mens champion is jeff ho w/179, 2nd place goes to big frank w/178 and rounding out 3rd the beast w/169, ladies rifle 2014 champions are paula bracken 1st w/91, 2nd goes to pam caltabiano w/80 and 3rd kim fullingim w/78... 2014 handgun champions in mens are VP raglin 1st w/248, 2nd big frank w/231 and 3rd al powers w/210...ladies handgun champions are peggy jones 1st w/149, 2nd kim fullingim w/121 and lori raglin 3rd w/104todays rifle in mens wa won by the beast w/23, 2nd donn kelly w/22 and 3rd smilin mike w/20... ladies rifle 1st was pam caltabiano w/19, 2nd paula bracken w/16 and peggy jones 3rd w/11...mens handgun 1st place is VP raglin w/26, 2nd pat jones w/25 and 3rd smilin mike w/22...ladies handgun today was 1st place lori raglin w/23, 2nd paula bracken w/16 and pam caltabiano 3rd w/__in the juionrs division todays handgunners were kyle raglin 1st w/17, 2nd ryan raglin w/6 and new shooter morgan orrick 3rd w/2, morgan also shot rifle today and shot 2.it was a wonderful day on the range today, plenty of good people and sunshine