The RANGE is CLOSED Mondays & Tuesdays

​Watch for CATTLE​​

Tehama Shooters 30 Years 

​2016 membership renewal letters have been mailed, if you fail to get yours by 12/31/2015 call 474-5815

Please always remember, Tehama Shooters are guests of the Long Ranch

ALWAYS ​leave the gate & lock the way you found it!

Furthermore, when match directors open the gate in the morning, clear the combo on the lock and lock the gate open

​​"Range use logbooks are located at both the East & West Ranges. Please sign in when you arrive at the Range."

​Always check the posted schedule for additions and or corrections to the schedule

Guest Shooters are welcome at any Scheduled Club event

​Please feel free to join us!

Ladies  & Juniors always shoot their 1st round free in shotgun

(2 round minimum required)

Casual trap shooters, please set your thrower beyond the base line so that targets and wads do not litter the infield

Scheduled events have priority over casual use closing both the rimfire and centerfire ranges during the match. Casual shooters may enjoy the range after completion of the match, typically matches on the centerfire and rimfire ranges are done in the early afternoon hours. Shotgun sports never interfere with centerfire or rimfire matches and range closures on the centerfire and rimfire ranges, refer to your range use guidelines from your orientation.


Watch for CATTLE, they have the right of way, do not attempt to move the CATTLE, treat them as if they belong to you!​​​​

Today, February 6th, Service rifle & centerfire handgun, 0900

Today, Trap, special addition

February 7th, ARA rimfire benchrest, 0900

February 7th, Trap, 0900


Safety Advisory

Casual shooters are prohibited from driving their vehicle beyond the 300 meter backstop. All shooters are not to go past the 200 meter backstop without leaving someone at the firing line to secure the Range for them, and the Board of Directors strongly urges a means of communication established. Only authorized Range personnel vehicles are allowed beyond the 300 meter backstop for match maintenance. Authorized personnel include Range Safety Officers, Match Directors and Range Maintenance personnel. The Executive Officer maintains a list of those persons eligible to drive beyond the 300 meter backstop. Anyone desiring to be on the "Authorized Access List", please contact the Executive Officer at Jeffreytooker@gmail.com or 530-597-2734
stay on main road during wet weather
Thank You, Tehama Shooters Board of Directors,
If you would like to donate funds to the scholarship program or any specificdiscipline of shooting please feel free to do so, send a check with instructions to P.O. Box 475, Red Bluff, Ca. 96080
​The Range is our Tabernacle, the sound of our Choir is the crack of gunfire and the ringing of steel

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, under GOD, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.


please check fire weather before visiting the Range during the fire season.

There is NO Centerfire Rifle use after 10:00 AM on RED FLAG DAYS

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Tehama Shooters Association